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SMCH has long reputation as a centre of excellence in the private healthcare sector.This unique, distinguished medical facility was established in 1991 as the first Specialized Medical Centre in Al Ain. Among the private hospitals located in Al Ain, Specialized Medical Care Hospital was the first to establish Ophthalmology, Orthopedic, Dental, Orthodontic and Dermatology Clinic. Since then, new facilities and specialty clinics have been added regularly. In 1996 the centre moved into its large new building and became Specialized Medical Care Hospital. The hospital is located near to town centre with easy access. SMCH has long standing reputation as centre of excellence in the private healthcare sector. It is equipped with ultra modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to provide state of the art medical care with compassion and human touch. We take pride in providing a family atmosphere whilst delivering our healthcare services to our patients. Our hospital has multinational medical staff including physicians with extensive clinical and teaching experience in internationally recognized hospitals and universities. SMCH was founded by Mr. Awad Saeed Al Kitbi & Dr.Samih Al Bahri in 1990

Awad Saeed Al Kitbi
( Owner )
Dr.Samih Al Bahri
(CEO and Partner)